Trinidad of Cuba

Trinidad of Cuba is a picturesque city, which let the see to caress their feet and the hair by the mountains and, while taking a walk in the late afternoon it seams like if the houses became incline to the sea. It’s streets are not like to the other cities, not only because now a day preserves marks of the slave hand with it’s paved stones, in did, because they were designed of manner that while rains the water runs by the center, it’s sidewalks are unequal, some of them are wide and others are thin, someone’s are told and the others are falls. It’s said that Trinidad was constructed the manner that when someone who doesn’t know it travel it, late or early became disconcerted and loose the course. In this Cuba’s corner every place encirclement a legend, a piece of story since the most humble of the colonials constructions to the majestic mountainous massive of the Escambray, where even thru the far can be note that this is a privileged region by nature. The villa “De la Señora de la Santísima Trinidad” was founded by Diego Velázquez in 1514 to the south center- east of the island to the side of the Arimao’s river; some time later was transferred to the side of the Guaurabo’s river. In XVIII century, Trinidad was declared Cuban’s city; but in this moment pierced where everyone know by historic center of Trinidad. This city was one of the most prosperous and rich of the country between the second middle of XVIII century and the first middle of the XIX century, that’s why the city became to be a pioneer of the sugar production and the second one in the country harvesting abundant coffee, bee honey, waxes, fruits, and also it’s purse bay ready for the navigation, permitted an ample trade. At Trinidad can visit centers with a refuge atmosphere like “El Jigüe, La Bodeguita, Don Antonio, La Plaza Mayor, La Canchanchara, among others, in the last one can enjoy of a native drink of the place prepared with honey, sugar-cane juice and rum, which encirclement the magic of the place. Another option at Trinidad is the Ancon beach with It’s white sand, marshland by the worm waters of the Caribbean and to dive in the beautiful and majestic choral barrier. The Ancon peninsula counts with three hotels; among them, “Brisas Trinidad del Mar” and a marine to take it easy by yacht. The city counts too, with more than 400 houses with license to rent to tourists, which with a familiar atmosphere can enjoy happy holidays. At not more than 17 Km of the city can found the natural park of Topes de Collantes where can incursion with natural or ecologic tourism, and visit unusual places never imagined. The most important and welcome of the city, is the interaction with the people, where you’ll find a mixture of varies races Tran cultured by centuries and welcome persons, beautiful and fair women which together to the magic to the city can make you enjoy of a privileged place. Don’t let to visit us, after the visit to our country you’re going to feel you like if you were born again; don’t forge it.

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